We’re Kamberlit, better known as Kate and Amber. We thought a proper introduction was in order before bombarding the cosmos with posts. We’re a couple of girls from Ireland who love book covers. This blog is dedicated to those special occasions when we get past the pretty picture on the front and read the actual words inside. Besides both being YA fanatics, Kate loves graphic novels and anything set in the future, while Amber holds a fascination for fantasy, as well as relationship driven works and is currently battling her way through a list of classics. While it’s a rarity for us to disagree it does happen and our taste in books, while similar, does differ, so there will be a variety of genres and topics covered in the blog.

As for what you can expect from our blog…the plan is loads of reviews, discussions and maybe even fancy pants literary analysis when we’re feeling smart enough. We talk about books constantly and this blog is going to be used as an outlet to channel all our opinions, thoughts and questions regarding the stuff we’re reading.

We’ve decided that we’re going to do individual book reviews weekly. So Amber will post Mondays and Kate will post Fridays. When we get into the swing of things (so to speak) we’re also going to try doing a discussion post on Wednesdays. We’ll hopefully be documenting our struggle through Nanowrimo in November. Maybe we’ll even read Ulysses someday. Or maybe we’ll start Ulysses, throw it at a wall, and pick up 50 Shades of Grey instead.

Besides books, Amber likes dragons, sleeping and historical debate.

Kate likes animals, matching socks and speaking in the third person.

We both consume way too much coffee and Sherlock fanfiction. Everyone has their faults.

Now we’re going to review stuff. Well, we’ll try.