Anne of green gables #1 by L.M. Montgomery

Why I have it: Part of a classics boxset that a friend of my mom got me.
Main review:
This is a beautiful book, in the purest sincerest possible way. You cannot help but fall in love with Anne and the band of characters which Montgomery illustrates with ease, as if they were real tangible people waiting to be brought to life on the page. They are us in so many ways. Anne, the child who dreamed of a wonderful life and was given it. Marila, the mature woman who has learned the hard way that life is not easy but still holds the ability to humour Anne, while still shaping her into a sensible, respectable woman. Mathew, the shy, sensitive man with a heart of gold, knowing when to stand up for what he believes in but also when to let things be. I laughed, cried and felt for each and every character supporting or otherwise, an achievement rarely won by an author.

The imagery alone leaves one daydreaming of life in Avonlea, when reality proves too much. It evokes the most vivid images that I have ever been fortunate enough to read. I can be a lazy reader on occasion and have been guilty of glossing over descriptive paragraphs when it delays the real story, but I did not get the urge to commit that crime once during this book. I remember my mom reading this to me when I was younger, or at least I imagine she did, as I had vivid memories of certain aspects of it. I could not resist refreshing my memory by picking up again. It did not disappoint and though deemed a childrens book, like many classic novels relegated to the childrens genre it transcends this typecast and rewards anyone willing to take a chance on it.

Grade: A