Lone venture

I regret to inform our readers that from now on this blog shall be a lone venture (hence the name change). Kate has decided that she would prefer not to post but has urged me to continue. I was disappointed that we couldn’t do this together but at least I’ll have someone behind the scenes making sure I post regularly. I decided to change the name because it didn’t feel right still posting under the joint name (thought it was a pain in the neck to change). I’m going to continue the blog because I’m really enjoying the challenge it has presented. I love being able to talk about what I read and my views on different aspects of literature. I will be posting reviews regularly on Monday’s (hopefully I’ll venture into the classics soon) and I want to write a couple of discussion posts in the coming weeks which are basically already written in my head. 🙂

I feel I should tell you more about myself as it’s now just little aul me. I just graduated from secondary school(high school). My two great passions in life are History and English and I hope to start a degree in both in September (fingers crossed). It’s a love which my mom instilled in me from an early age. I still remember her telling me that if I had a book I’d never be alone. As I grew up I saw just how true this could be and how much reading can enrich our lives. I doubt she ever dreamed of what that seed of interest would grow into.

As I write this I don’t actually have a favourite genre, nor do I really have a favourite author (though Ian McEwan comes close) I just enjoy what I read and find it hard to categorise it or limit it. I’m trying to widen my horizons by branching out into contemporary, post modern and classic literature. But it was the fantasy genre which grabbed my young imagination all those years ago. I fell in love with the adventure and pure escapism that the genre presented.( I also had/have an insatiable obsession with Dragons which needed to be fed.)

In regards to what I define as a good book, it really comes down to the characterisations. I love relationship driven works and by that I don’t necessarily mean romance novels. I love to read about friendships and if a book has that to fall back on I’m instantly engaged. Other than that I can forgive a book a lot though the ending is the clincher. If an author can’t tie up all the loose ends then they can wax lyrical all they like because I’m not going to enjoy the book half as much as I would have.

I hope you stick with me 🙂

Happy reading!