Bookish jewellery!

I have to share these little gems I got In recent days as a belated christmas gift from my mom and nan. I fell in love with a bespoke jewellery shop based out of Wales through their facebook page and though their prices are great, I hate the exchange rate between sterling and euro so rarely treat myself to the products I love from the United Kingdom. However there was one design that had caught my eye and I very unusually for me thought it would be beautiful not as the item it was being sold in (a pendant and keyring) but a ring. They accommodate requests so I promised myself I would get the ring in this design to commemorate an event in October. It never happened because I lost track of the date and had a lot in the run up. So when I was talking to my nan she mentioned she wanted to get me a christmas gift and wasn’t sure what I’d like so I thought of the ring. Then mom being mom said she wanted to get in on this little deal and offered to get me the pendant with the same design. Again because we’re awful I missed the last shipping date for Ireland from the UK (I promise I’m not this disorganised in college or when teaching!). So it only arrived on the 4th January just in time for me to regale my learners with how much I loooove books again and harass them about their reading contracts…god I’m such a teacher and I love it! haha

I corresponded with a Nicola and she could not have been more helpful. Even when I changed something after payment she accommodated me and reflected it by refunding which I felt was very professional and something I’m not sure a larger company would be able or willing to do. It was a very human rather than cold exchange.

I would say if you are ordering a ring to go down a size as the band is very thin and is a bit loose so I will have to wear it on my middle finger which is unfortunate as I don’t usually wear it like that but isn’t a big deal. The pendant is also very large and while beautiful I will have to wear it a little more sparingly than I had anticipated. I plan to wear it on a very long chain due to its size as I’m quite petite and am not sure it would look as good on the 18inch necklace it came with. I’m working from home as I write this so will report back if my opinion changes when I’m wearing more professional clothing. All in all the design is still something I’m in love with.

Here is the website url for the company:

bookish jewellery


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